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Health care in Croatia

Get the best medical care in Croatia on your trip! We offer you:

Ultrasound diagnostics


Marin Med

Arriving in another destination, you must have asked yourself "what if I need health services?" You don't have to worry. The Feel Croatia Team offers you the excellent Marin Med Polyclinic.

The polyclinic is intended to provide quality healthcare services of the highest standard in a pleasant environment. It provides tourists and travelers with a quick reception and high-quality and efficient care, a solution to all their health problems.

You are taken care of by a top team of qualified Croatian and international doctors. The employees are professional, friendly and always welcome you with a smile. Their work is backed by 10 years of experience and over 23,500 satisfied patients.
They offer numerous services in the field of  radiology, cardiology, neurology, urology and gastroenterology.

Medical treatments and physical examinations are also available.

Good news! Feel Croatia Team has given you a 10% discount on Marin Med Polyclinic services! For any additional questions, please contact us!

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