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Something completely new and original in our offer! 

Try yourself in the Morlacco experience! This tasting room is located at the foot of the Velebit mountain, between the villages of Jasenica and Maslenica. Feel the "bura" on your face on one side and the sun's rays on the other side, where the blue Adriatic Sea stretches. Immerse yourself in an oasis of lavender fields, feel the irresistible and soothing scent and forget about all your worries! 

But this is not just a tasting room!
Along with tasting the best varieties of wine, taste the delicious Dalmatian plate consisting of the finest prosciutto dried on the “bura” and the world-recognized and award-winning Pag cheese. Exclusively on Wednesdays, we have also prepared a top chef who will prepare delicious delicacies. 


In addition, you can take a tour of the old mine, which hides an interesting story and anecdotes. Before leaving, be sure to stop by the souvenir shop and take some lasting memories with you. Beautiful, handmade and homemade lavender products will not leave you indifferent. 

Morlacco is intended for smaller groups, up to 10 people. We strive for a true experience and satisfaction for every guest. Get to know our tradition in one day! 

Have a real experience, awaken emotions and stimulate all your senses! 

Wine and Cheese

Morlacco - "Bura"

"Bura" – the new phase of the Morlacco center. It is an atypical open-air museum, a live exhibition of its landscapes and delicacies. The beginning of each visit is in the cinema hall with a film showing all the power of the "bura" that descends from the peaks of the Velebit.

The main goal is to convey to the guests the original ambience of harsh karst, the food of this region and the feeling of "bura" on their face.

Lavender Fields
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