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Wine tasting

The best way to taste wine is through tasting!

What awaits you in this wine tour? A wine story about the rise and opening of a wine tasting room that can accommodate up to 12 people. In the pleasant and relaxing ambience of our tasting room, you can get to know fresh and aged wines, as well as fig and maraschino liqueurs served with small snacks.
Moreover, the pleasant view of the barrique barrels in which the wine is aged completely completes this charming experience.
We look forward to spending time with you in our tasting room because we are sure that this will be an unforgettable experience. In our offer you can find tastings with 3 or 5 wines, with liqueurs. 

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Degarra Winery

Degarra Winery must be on your list if you are a wine lover. Namely, it is a winery whose products are a limited series of top wines. Degarra is a name derived from the French term "Vin de Garage" which is synonymous with small passionate producers of the best French and world wines.

Some of their best wines that you should definitely try are:



With each of the options included a tour of the winery, a presentation as well as superbly delicious plate of your choice.

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Wine Garden

Something new in our offer! Unforgettable experiences at the Wine Garden in Zadar! The new place in town is the perfect choice for wine lovers.

Why choose Wine Garden?

The Wine Garden brings together winemakers from the Zadar region. Wine tasting is never complete without good food, which is why local producers such as Pag cheese, Lukin prosciutto and premium olive oil are also included in the offer.
Wine Garden is place where local people, as well as tourists who come to Zadar, can taste the top delicacies of this region. A small shop has been opened within the garden, so all those who taste the products can take a part with them as an original souvenir and a beautiful memory.

What is the ambience of the Wine Garden?

A small wine oasis in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that exudes a story. The space is specific and authentic, you are surrounded by monuments and cultural heritage that create a perfect ambience. The place is special, so excessive additional investments were not necessary. A beautiful atmosphere and ambiance of the former Dalmatia and the regions where the wines originate have been created. The entire space is completed with Mediterranean plants that are symbolic of this area.

Are you interested in the offer?

Guests are offered to enjoy local wines, liqueurs and cocktails, as well as cold salads with products from the Zadar region, and they can also opt for wine tasting through 3 packages.

Wine tasting package offer:

Let's Wine Together!

1. The package includes: 3 wines from the Zadar region of our choice, prosciutto, cheese, olive oil

2. The package includes: 3 wines from the Zadar region of our choice, prosciutto, cheese + a bottle of wine 0.75 l from the Zadar region of our choice to take home

3. The package includes: 3 wines from the Zadar region of our choice, passion fruit liqueur, prosciutto, cheese, olive oil + bottle of Zadar region wine 0.75 l, passion fruit liqueur Fiolić 0.2 l, olive oil 2 Štorije 0.1 l


Art Bottega - Wine and Paint Studio

Try something new and innovative! Are you a fan of wine and painting? We have an ideal offer for you!

Pineli & Vino is a painting entertainment that doesn't require previous painting experience. Awaken the child in you and enjoy a nice, above all relaxed evening.

We have provided you with all the equipment, materials and, of course, fine domestic wine, which you can consume exactly as much as you want, everything is included in the price.


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